Batman, Superman and Dr Strange

Some DC stuff – Superman and Batman. And some Dr Strange as a bonus.


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Fantastic Four Dr Doom

Here’s a few from a while back. Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom, Iron Man, The Flash and a couple of others.


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The Monq

The Monq” was one of my own indy projects for which I speculated artwork and then shopped around to publishers off and on for years. It was early for creator-owned projects and most publishers were still trying to go toe-to-toe with Marvel/DC in full lines of dirivative drek instead of forging their own way, like those brilliant fellows at Dark Horse and Fantagraphics, who’re far better stewards of their fortunes in media (and the comic book medium itself) than history shows most to be.

Graphic Novels were still considered “special projects,” and plum jobs, rewarded to certain people. Most publishers instead, wanted open-ended projects that could go on monthly – this is also the most common way to lose quality control over your properties. Left open-ended with schedules of every kind to fill every month, editorial sorts default to whomever has no work load at the present and happens to be standing around with a broom in his hand. Lesser hands inevitably take the wheel of whatever you make and hand over on that basis. Some time when I’m feeling particularly pissy about editors and marketing I might make a list of their failures in this respect.

Side note: The hubris of launching an entire line of comics in a year, even two years with unknown properties, to compete with larger publishers destroyed many companies like Atlas, Pacific Comics and First Comics, among others. Some great ideas and good charters – but too fast, too quickly. Publishing on paper, the return on your investment can take months or even most of a year to come back to you before you can continue to finance the next operations. It’s logistics, money flow dries up.

The Monq is a 3rd string amalgam of obvious influences. Nevertheless, it was my initial foray into something of my own, still swamped with all that I’d studied and thought of as a superhero comic up to the time. There’re filmic and graphic influences from other places and lots of my version of pen-masters past (mostly non-comics).

This was right after I left Marvel and just after the John Sable work for First, starting in ’87. I dropped all ideas of getting it published by ’91 or so. I was broke in NY (with short visits home in AZ) but flushed with excitement over not being under the Marvel editorial boot. I paced the scenes, pushed the shots and drew like I knew I could.

The resulting silence among editors and publishers was deafening and the paying publishers stayed away in droves.

Some one in H’wood convinced me to write it up as a treatment for a movie. The movie didn’t happen (except for the rip of it the producer pulled off later) and it’s been registered at the Screen Writer’s Guild with his name on it with mine. He didn’t have a thing to do with it beyond getting me into a hinky deal with a bad producer. So much for my love and respect for H’wood.

The Monq was a silly, linear story with a fair version of handling in the dialogue and characters that I still think would’ve been an interesting offering at the time. I don’t really have any motivation to finish it, at this point.

This is the first public viewing of The Monq.

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The Shadow

A couple of The Shadow.


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Sketches of Dr. Fishhead.


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Sketches of females from over the years.


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I’ve always loved The Batman. There’s just something about the character that resonates with most of us. Guess that’s why he’s been on TV and in the movies since the beginning.


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Here’s a couple drawings I did of Thor. Cape, hammer… What’s not to like?


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From the Savage Sword of Conan.

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Here are some of the sketches developed for ScatterCat. Enjoy!

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