Hulk & Avengers

Hulk & Avengers

These are a few more explorations of classic characters.  I’ll be posting more of these a few at a time.  While I’ll never work at Marvel/DC again, I still enjoy these original characters.  I stuck Hank Pym into one of these pieces twice, once as Ant Man and the other as Giant Man.  I just wanted to draw both of these characters. -t.

Hulk and The Thing from Tony SalmonsHulk and The Avengers by Tony Salmons

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2 Responses to Hulk & Avengers

  1. Craig Zablo says:

    You don’t post that often, but when you do… MAN!! Nice!!

    • TonySalmons says:

      Thanks, Craig. I intend to revamp the entire site soon. More stuff, especially sketchbook material. P-Shopping some of that stuff now. There’ll be more of these that I’ll post serially over some weeks. I’ll also be separating the blog material from the images, as well. -t.

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