Here are some of the sketches developed for ScatterCat. Enjoy!

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  1. Jackson Edge says:


  2. Tony Salmons says:

    Thanks, guys! No one at Marvel, DC or the top 6 publishers was interested, for whatever reason. Glad you approve. Look forward to more fun together! Love (and I mean it) -t.

  3. James Romberger says:

    Hoorah for more Salmons stuff and a tantalizing hint of the pencils on that last page.

  4. Alison says:

    Your work is amazing and inspiring. I’d like to see more and will come back for that. I hope you didn’t mind that I put your work on my art blog. All the best and thank you for showing your work, alison

  5. Tony, you´re one of the best draftman in this planet!!! Just black and white… and the complet world is there. Amaizing!

  6. jpleon says:

    Love to see this stuff, Tony. Beautiful!

    • TonySalmons says:

      You’ll hear me tell this story more than once because it bears it. The first time I saw your stuff was in that Previews rag. A singl image the size of a postage stamp, one of those Milestone books from DC. Even at that size the B/W were so well disported that the image read fully. Oddly, I don’t remember finding a cover credit so, ensuing was a lengthy search to find your personal works. It paid off big for me. Yours is a remarkable expression of what this medium can be and why we all keep trying. Thanks, -t.

  7. Jerry Fox says:

    Didn’t your mom ever give you colored pencils?! LOL No, really, I like it. Do you have other sites etc. out there? Maybe I have to re-explore this one.

    • TonySalmons says:

      It was indeed my mom and I have more color stuff which will show up, once I get the alligators out of the crack of my ass out here in this swamp I was supposed to drain. One other site you can check into for my stuff and the full evidence of the tsunami of comic book re-naising is: Terrific stuff

  8. John says:

    Scattercat looks great. Your work has such a …. pulse and life to it. Such a nice find for this Salmons fan!
    Thanks, Tony.

  9. Joe Simmons says:

    Man, you’re just about my favorite storyteller, always have been. Love the lines!

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