From the Savage Sword of Conan.

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  1. Chris says:

    These are briliant! I’ve recently bought a few back issues of savage sword of conan just for your backup stories. Your ink/zip technique from this period is a joy to look at. I cannot find a definitive checklist of all the pinups you did. Would you post one. You should be doing the darkhorse conan comics!

    Take Care,

  2. todd Miller says:

    A little bit of genius plus a whole bunch of talent , hard work , perseverance , pen and ink
    equals a beautiful body of work that will amaze your friends and family as well as comic book fans in general .
    Bravo Tony Salmons .

  3. Tony Salmons says:

    Thanks, Todd. This was a very tough period of sudy and development. I relish it.

    Chris, unlikely I’ll be doing any Conan for anyone. I’m retired from corporat and franchise comic companies for 10 years now.

    However, you’ve put a bug in my ear about a fun side project. Thanks for that the for the contact, compliments! -t.

  4. Marcelo Baez says:

    Wow, more Salmons Conan magic…. at Dark Horse….? That would be awesome!!!!!!

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