Some Simple but Critical Advice To Aspirants In Comics

I may write more about this in the future but I want to put something down about it now. In a nut shell, the politics in any group endeavor is present but especially in the will-nilly-silly world of entertainment; it is pernicious, petty and persisting. The egos are small and brittle and without reprieve, merciless once […]

A Bit About Procedure

Materials for comics (for me): after years of experimentation the only paper I use is Strathmore Bristol 2 ply, smooth finish; 2H pencil (wooden), preferably Japanese Tombows; Windsor-Newton Kolinsky brush, Series 5, size 3 round; Ink, used to be FW but it’s changed and most varieties are too thin to be really fun these days […]

The Monq

“The Monq” was one of my own indy projects for which I speculated artwork and then shopped around to publishers off and on for years. It was early for creator-owned projects and most publishers were still trying to go toe-to-toe with Marvel/DC in full lines of dirivative drek instead of forging their own way, like […]