Batman, Superman and Dr Strange

Some DC stuff – Superman and Batman. And some Dr Strange as a bonus.


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7 Responses to Batman, Superman and Dr Strange

  1. Holy cow! I’ve never seen your Superman before, Tony! Lovely!

    Of course, I have those Batman and Dr. Strange issues in my collection, but to see them in b&w is a treat! Thanks!

    • TonySalmons says:

      Hey, Adrian.
      My version of most of DC and Marvel’s characters are never going to get a chance, love them though I do. Nevermind, I’ll make my own fun at my own party and people like you who believe in real comics (not marketing and quarterly sales, hype, etc.) are what make it worth doing comics in the first place. -t.

  2. James says:

    Okay, that’s wet. Beautiful, Tony.

    • TonySalmons says:

      Thanks, James.
      Anyone who’s not picked up James’ “Seven Miles Per Second,” and anything else one may find by him is remiss and will stay after class. It’s one of the finest GNs I’ve ever read/seen (just looked at!). Natural, unaffected drawing, real story-telling and truthful. It’s only ambition is to tell it’s story. James’. In it, he and Margurite have produced a touchstone to prove our own work against. Some one should reprint and promote it -t.

  3. Marcelo Baez says:

    Always loved your Dr Strange!

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