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Fantastic Four Dr Doom

Here’s a few from a while back. Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom, Iron Man, The Flash and a couple of others. -t.

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The Monq

“The Monq” was one of my own indy projects for which I speculated artwork and then shopped around to publishers off and on for years. It was early for creator-owned projects and most publishers were still trying to go toe-to-toe … Continue reading

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The Shadow

A couple of The Shadow. -t.

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Sketches of Dr. Fishhead. -t.

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Sketches of females from over the years. -t.

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I’ve always loved The Batman. There’s just something about the character that resonates with most of us. Guess that’s why he’s been on TV and in the movies since the beginning. -t.

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Here’s a couple drawings I did of Thor. Cape, hammer… What’s not to like? -t.

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From the Savage Sword of Conan.

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Here are some of the sketches developed for ScatterCat. Enjoy!

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